Copper Tree Tag


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Copper Tree Tag

This copper tree tag is the perfect way to permanently record your child's name and birth date on their tree. 

Simply write their details on the tag by placing it on a semi soft surface like a newspaper. This will permanently indent their name into the tag which oxidise to a green brown patina over time.

Be sure to place the tag on a branch and not the trunk.


Your kind words
We used one of these for my second child and it was so much easier than the plastic bag in an ice cream container that we used for our first. We didn’t get the copper tag though so I thought it would be nice to add these to the trees at the bach where the other two have been planted – Kerry McGill, Upper Hutt NZ

We just planted our cherry tree today for our daughter Maggie (Margaret) Rose Thornsberry born on April 6th. The tree is planted in our yard in Greensboro, NC (USA). Thank you so much for this great product and opportunity! We are so excited to share this with her as she gets older.
Thank you again! Charae Thornsberry

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